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Raising Finance

In the current economic climate raising finance for your business can be difficult and at times impossible! Cortex Accounting & Tax Advisors LLP can offer assistance to your business for raising the capital it requires. We have a network of contacts who we can put you in contact with and have all the necessary skills to generate the information that will be required as part of an application. We can produce business plans, cash flow forecasts and capital expenditure plans in order to help you obtain the finance your business requires.

Raising Finance Key Contributions

Assessing the feasibility of the requirement

Advising and assisting on the format, content and preparation of the business plan

Selecting suitable funders that would be best suited to the company, industry, market and value of money to be raised

Arranging and attending meetings with the proposed funders and helping to prepare presentations to them

Negotiating the best possible funding structure and packages

Project managing the entire transaction through to legal completion

Capital Options

There are many alternatives for raising finance and the type chosen really depends on the what the capital is required for. We have advised clients on raising capital to assist with cash flow, for the purchase of property, for equipment acquisition and for making payment of tax.

Crowd funding is one of the newest methods for raising capital and some of our clients have used this method to raise finance. This may not be as cheap as other methods of raising capital but can be quicker and without the requirement to provide excessive amounts of information. Basically the funders take a higher risk on lending the money but charge a higher premium for it. Not suitable in all situations but works for some businesses.

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