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H M Revenue & Customs

They are responsible for tax collection in the UK and HMRC’s website is a mine of useful information. There are full details of Income Tax, Inheritance Tax, Capital Gains Tax, VAT, Excise duties and Stamp duties, including all rates and allowances. The site can be accessed via their Home page at

You may also find the following pages useful: – Guidance on the employment status of workers – This Employment Status Indicator tool will give their opinion of whether someone is your employee or is self-employed. – A guide to starting up in business as a sole trader – A useful guide to VAT, including when and how to register – A basic guide to how and when to operate PAYE – What to do if you cannot pay your taxes immediately – Advice on the flat rate scheme of VAT which can be advantageous under certain circumstances

Grants & Funding

Are you looking to see whether your business qualifies for any form of grant or funding. If so, then one very useful website to look at is

Government Site

The central site pointing you to the government’s latest information and advice on their services including information on retirement, caring for someone, motoring, travel, the environment, living abroad, parenthood, disability, plus many others.

Companies House

If you are looking for company information or are looking to setup a new limited company then information about this can be found here

As an alternative to all of the above please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist – 01925 551833

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