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Corporation tax accountants WarringtonCorporation Tax Accountants Warrington

Our company tax service extends much further than simply completing the statutory tax return.  We do not advise clients to spend money just to save tax.

It is, after all, better to give the government 20% and keep 80% yourself rather than giving the whole 100% to somebody else just to save that 20%. However, if you need to incur an expense then the way that you do so can have an effect on how much tax the business pays, and our Corportate Tax planning service will ensure that your post-tax profits are maximised.  The timing of transactions can have a significant effect on the tax that the business pays, and we will advise on this as necessary. This can also apply to the structure that you adopt for your company or companies.

There is a legal requirement and responsibility for Corporation Tax Self Assessment (CTSA) being submitted on time and being correct.  This falls solely on the business owner so it is vital to use an accountant who cannot only get this done on time, but correctly too.  At Cortex we know our clients are under a lot of pressure and struggle to prepare tax returns on time.    We take this away from our clients so they can concentrate on other important area’s of their business.

We will also consider, when advising on these matters, the effect that our advice has on other taxes such as Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax, Income Tax of the proprietors and general tax advice.

Cortex Corporate Taxation Service

Preparation of corporation taxation returns and filing electronically with H.M. Revenue & Customs.

Dealing with correspondence with H.M. Revenue & Customs.

Loss relief planning.

Directors remuneration strategy planning to minimise taxation liability by profit extraction from your company.

Annual review to ensure that tax planning opportunities are not missed.

Taxation planning for business expansion, acquisitions and exit strategies

Capital gains aspects – rollover relief, entrepreneurs relief, use of capitals gain tax exemptions and reliefs.

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